as above, so below

                        Ouroboros Healing Arts brand-new online learning portal is also a community space for practical mystics and crystalline ray carriers to share earth-based wisdom / ritual and crystal healing practices to support the journey back to wholeness. Mystic Medicine Circle seasonally offers two monthly online offerings on Zoom, aligned with the New and Full Moon. Other free offerings and paid workshops such as recorded meditations, journeys, and online Living Energy workshop series are part of the vision and will be accessible through the Mystic Medicine Circle portal here on Sutra. Join for free now, join our community, and receive seasonal and new / full moon online offerings by email!

you will awaken your innate subtle senses, intuition, and trust to co-create a soul fullfilled life.

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Mystic Medicine Circle holds sacred space to explore, empower, and master connections to our subtle energy bodies and capacities. Intentions are sourced from higher vibrational perspectives through the intuitive process.


Mystic Medicine energetic practices collaborate with the plant and stone people, elementals and nature spirit beings, our Nature Mother and Nature Father. We are part of Nature and all nature embody consciousness. We participate in the World of Living Energy consciously.


Mystic Medicine Circle is a growing community of healers, seekers, and initiates of the mystery to share, witness and evolve together. We value the inter–relational space for deeper learning, reflection, accountability, connection, and celebration.


A beautiful PDF guide illustrating Ayni, or Sacred Reciprocity, an Andean universal law or principle 

about giving and receiving: 

when we give, we receive, when we receive, we give.

Within the Andean mystical tradition I have been studying and practicing for over 10 years, a Despacho Ceremony is the most common ritual where the law of Ayni is manifested in a physical form. This guide comes with illustrative photographs and simple step by step instructions on the whys, the whats, and hows? 

to create your own despacho ritual in the spirit of Ayni.


Topics you will learn about:

What is a despacho?

What is a kintu?

What does Sacred Reciprocity really mean?

Why are despachos helpful for my healing?

What ingredients do i need?

How do i drive energy?



New Moon at 8pm EST on Zoom - tbd

We gather in circle and align ourselves with each other and acknowledge sacred space. We each call in our guides, bring on a grounding meditation, then take turns to share our personal gratitudes and intentions. This is a powerful ritual, to speak and to be witnessed embodying your intentions as if "all of it has already happened", in the present tense. After everybody has shared, whoever would like may share their intentions for   Mother Earth, the Universe. We follow the Intender's Circle Format and read the Guidelines at the end. 


Full Moon afternoon on Zoom - date & time tbd 

A despacho starts with an intention, the gathering of the objects you want to offer; sugar, chocolate, wine, beans, shell, flowers, leaves. Gather, pray and play to create a mandala, a beautiful gift of breath, art, and presence, offering to our Nature and Spirit Allies. Ingredients of what to bring will be communicated by email prior to our online gathering. We will open, acknowledge sacred space and call in our Guides, Nature Spirits for permission. This will be a sharing and hands-on experience as we each and together will create our Ayni Despacho, an offering of gratitude reflecting Sacred Reciprocity for all we have received or what we are bringing in. This is a live non-recorded sharing circle and ceremony on Zoom. Cameras are recommended to be on as much as possible.