The Irish Celtic Calendar
The Irish Celtic Calendar


and lunar cycle of thirteen native trees

Through the Celtic Calendar we can observe the key solar points in the turning of the year - deepening awareness of the energetic shifts of summer and winter solstice, and spring and autumn equinox, as well as the festival quarter points. 


Winter Solstice


Spring Equinox


Summer Solstice


Autumn Equinox

Sessions will be held one Sunday a month at 7pm Irish Time 

Starting Sunday, 30th May  

The Irish Celtic Calendar - 
Journey through the Irish Celtic Calendar

How does it work?

  • Gather online once a month, via zoom for a 1.5 hour session 

  • Supported by an ongoing online discussion and resource space

  • Personal journalling prompts, reflections and visualisations

  • Receive regular email updates

Our allies, the thirteen native trees of the lunar year help to deepen our connection with the natural world and provide rooted companionship, insight and support. 

This unique programme supports us to recover the wisdom teachings of Ireland‘s spiritual and cultural heritage perceiving continuity and unity in the oneness of creation - so that we may grow together in strength and community.

The Celtic Calendar offers a potent and ever-green and grounded map offering a harmonious perception of our place in nature, and a rooted understanding of our inner world.

Your Hostess:

Sharon Ní Chuilibín ( Simrit Kaur ) is a poet, scholar, writer, musician, songwriter, artist and teacher living in the mountains of Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland. She was awarded a MA in Ethnomusicology(UCC) where she wrote a thesis on her own journey into the art of Sean Nós or “old style“ singing, in the Irish language. She also holds a Diploma in Irish(NUIG) and a BA(HONS) in Fine Art and Art History. She was awarded the Michael Hartnett prize for poetry recitation and songs she composed in the Irish language have been featured in the Pan Celtic song competition. She has worked as editor and writer of the Wild Atlantic Way and other tourism publications, weaving stories of Ireland‘s western seaboard as well as publishing elsewhere on the arts and culture. Drawn to the natural world and the consciousness and wisdom of living earth, she and continues to tend deep wells of poetry and song. 

Healing has been a key theme of interest - in particular the concept of psycho-social healing and the role that Ireland could play in this. Irish Medicine and this Journey through the Celtic Calendar is also the culmination of this enquiry and exploration of “Ireland as Medicine“. The German Artist- Shaman Joseph Beuys famously believed that Ireland was the place that could heal the world. As a “wounded healer“ - Ireland does indeed exhibit a history of suffering, loss and oppression - and yet a timeless buoyant spirit so full of deep seated emotion and heart continues to emanate from this once lauded Island of Saints and Scholars. We look to a shift of perception to timeless soulful spirituality, reclaiming the roots of a Christianity in harmony with nature and the cosmos - a capacity to access the magical dimensions of consciousness and to re-enchant a world weary of the dead-end conclusions of myopic materialism : to anchor a new way of being in the world.

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