Let US raise our Vibration together
Let US raise our Vibration together


The 22 days of Self Healing Online Journey

Are you the go to person in your  family community, workplace  for healing, guidance and support? 

Who do you go to? 

Do you feel a calling to focus on sharing your gifts  and being  focused on your purpose whilst having fun, ease JOY , Peace .... .  

Do you  sometimes feel overwhelmed  , alone ,fearful, sad, out of balance ?  

What challenges (opportunities to heal and grow) are you facing now ?

You know that to heal the world you first have to focus on healing yourself .

Do you  miss having sacred community space to receive inspiration support and healing. 

You know you have gifts that are already helping people however you want to take it to the next level .

You want to be inflow and part of a community to share with laugh with  and learn from.

Be your own best friend and give yourself the gift of space to connect with your divine guidance and healing tuning into what you need and desire.

Join other healers, coaches, visionaries, change agents, home makers  in this wonderful Sacred Space. 

A place to

  • Be seen, heard, surrounded in love and take ownership for your healing journey
  • Feel safe to explore and express your desires/needs /vulnerabilities 
  • Connect with your inner wise guidance that I call divine guidance 
  • Build your confidence and be focused on your unique self healing tools
  • Set an intention, take guided action  and see it unfold 
  • Create strong building blocks in your life, work and play

Sense the experience  of working with me

Self Investment


Let US raise our Vibration together - 
£ 88.00

How it flows

  • One Weekly live call beginning on Thursday 1st April 2021 1hr via zoom 
  • A weekly themed video recording intone with the needs of the circle
  • Receive daily guided meditation 
  • Private and Group space to chat  and  ask questions 
  • Access to guided  meditations  to support you on your self healing journey
  • Opportunity to implement the practices you already know
  • Loving accountability check-ins 
  • A place to share and receive resources to help you on your self healing journey
  • Celebration Call  after 22 days
  • Extra bonus meditations to meet the groups needs

About Me

Hello magnificent YOU I am looking forward to getting to know you and share the gift of healing.  My name is Fiona and I am blessed to have a magical sacred space that I call Sunshine Glen that I am sharing with you now.  

I am passionate about Reiki as it was what awakened me to this wonderful world of healing, divine guidance and tuning into my gifts that include channeled meditations (over 200 now) since 2010. I never planned to be a Reiki Master Teacher or Spiritual teacher but it has evolved as I followed my inner knowing that I call divine guidance. 

I am so grateful for the gift of healing and value community in particular last year I faced many personal challenges and I was able to gain strength  and solutions appeared as I practiced what I teach. 

I love connecting people to the magic (your essence, divine self, wise self) within them seeing them light up . 

I have also studied Wizardry, which was a magical adventure that took me traveling to many wonderful countries . 

One of my many gifts is bringing divine guidance into day to day life as a professional coach, business consultant , Artist (painting and poetry) oh and I have started to write children's stories inspired by our beautiful grand-daughter.

I love learning and currently studying Astrology which is adding another dimension to my teachings. 

I see you as magnificent how do you see yourself?