Irish Medicine
Irish Medicine

A Soulful Journey 

Irish Music, Cultural Heritage and Celtic Spirituality


This is an experiential journey created for all who are called to the soul of this land

and her songs, poetry and stories,

to be nourished in your own life‘s journey.


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Irish Medicine - 
Irish Medicine Access

Irish Medicine is a journey of awakening and remembrance 

nurturing an embodied rootedness together, 

through the stories, songs and music of Ireland.

Coming together, we share our own stories and connections to the land of Ireland and build our container.

Over the five weeks that follow, 

we embark on a thematic journey,

guided by the five elements: 

fire, air, earth, water and ether.

Awaken wonder through the lens 

of Ireland‘s resonant cultural heritage

weaving connections and community.

How does it work?

This course is of six weeks duration - equal to 40 days involving six two-hour, in person sessions online via zoom supported by an online resource and discussion space in Sutra

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Le Chéile : Together

Creating our Sacred Container

Introducing the potent role that Ireland has had on a global stage and through history.

It has been said that Ireland bears the archetype of the “wounded healer“ and that

there is medicine here to heal the world.

What is your connection with Ireland? What calls you to this journey?

Together we create a sacred container through our shared attention for the coming weeks.

Tine :  Fire

Of heart and hearth

From the ritual burning of bonfires in community at key festivals in the turning of the year to the keeping of hearth and home - fire brings life, light and a kindling of human warmth and companionship. Long before the advent of television or digital devices, fire alone provided illumination and a central focus for family and friends to gather, share stories, the latest news and well loved traditional songs.

 Aer : Air

Island of Saints and Scholars

What is this enduring power of the sacred “Word“?  We look at the heroic journey of countless Irish monks who travelled far from home to spread a message of Light and keep the torch of knowledge and learning alive.

We reflect on the legacy of illuminated manuscripts, art and poetry created by saintly Irish scholar-monks whose bold tenacity and courage is said to have saved Europe through the Dark Ages.

Talamh :  Land of Ireland

 Strong Foundations

In this session we introduce the geography and key sacred sites of Ireland with a focus on Newgrange and Brú na Bóinne, the temple of the Boyne valley. We will explore the resonance of this 3,000 year old monument and the mythology and meaning that this holds for us today. Throughout the Irish countryside, the remnants of an ancient culture echo through stones etched in the mysterious embellishments of ancient artists. 

Through the potent and magical stories of Irelands mythology we can imagine the lives of these ancient peoples known as the Tuatha Dé Danann. We can marvel at their heroism, noble harmony with nature, mastery of the elements, shape shifting and their unique perception of the cosmos as evidenced by these great megalithic structures.

Uisce : Water

Flow of Emotion

As an island nation, Ireland‘s relationship to water has defined generations. 

From the force and power of the great Atlantic where courageous fishermen daily sailed their wooden boats 

to the still inviting wisdom of thousands of ancient holy wells – 

water as a sweet teacher, bearer of healing and enduring rhythm, connects us all.

In this session we will explore the theme of water as a spiritual and emotional medium

 and symbolic companion for our journey.

Draíocht : Ether

Na daoine maithe - “the good people“

Ireland is a land where the veils are thin between this world and that of the liminal present. 

Enduring tales of the Otherworld, of fairies, the banshee and the unseen realms of spirit speak of 

a culture animated and enchanted by that which surpasses rational understanding. 

In this final session as we prepare to exit our container we take a pause at the curious tales 

of the wild and wonderful supernatural, the spiritual and the fantastical.

Each week includes visualisation and presencing exercises, story, song, music and poetry to invoke the land of Ireland: Drawing on decades of learning, research, insight and creative engagement with the questions of our time through the magical lens of Ireland as Medicine. Decolonising the mind and peeling back the layers of perception to lighten the load of history – let us experience a unified vision of wholeness with the cosmos and all of creation inspired by the soulful and generous heart of Ireland. 

This is a journey about re-rooting ourselves and finding an anchor for a totally different way of being in the world.

If you feel the call to know more about Ireland‘s rich cultural heritage,  do join me on this unique course. 

If you are interested in this work and would like to learn more or the time does not suit - to explore other options contact me on nchuilis(at)

Places are limited to 12 participants to keep an intimate group setting. 

The next journey of Irish Medicine begins on Wednesday 8th September,  7-8.30pm

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You may also be interested in the year long journey through the Irish Celtic Calendar to start in October 2021.



“It definitely has shifted on a poignant day to day basis. 

The music especially.. I can really feel like different parts of the brain waking up and I notice in general when I m out doing things in my day to day life, things like walking there‘s an expansiveness in the space-time continuum. I don't know how to explain it but if I m out walking even ten minutes extra its not a big deal. My brain doesn't worry about that kind of thing anymore. its been a short but very interesting journey and it definitely seems to have shifted things on a very poignant daily basis. I found things like the darkness very soothing and I can appreciate the rhythm and a different sense of internalising it differently. It has been very educational but not in the usual sense - I feel the fairies they‘re among but one of their lightness for me is “things aren't always what they seem!“ Its like a kick in the butt reminder there s a lot of humour to it - a reminder that maybe you really don't know what‘s driving the train. It could be so different. Out of this reality... It‘s been lovely. Just lovely.“

Deborah Darling 

“Thank you so much. What generosity.. the depth and the subtlety and the sensitivity of how you carry this is so palpable. I don't have words yet to express the gift so thank you so much. I wanted to say one of the things that was very clear as a gift and a reminder is the Celtic Calendar and what it offers as a very grounded , very present very grateful contemplation of the cycles and the rhythms of life.“

Nirmal Khalsa 

“Irish is medicine for me and medicine for my soul and I feel so nourished by the beauty of that soulful language-

thank you so much for that medicine!“

Sat Siri Beth  

Your Hostess:

Sharon Ní Chuilibín ( Simrit Kaur ) is a poet, scholar, writer, musician, songwriter, artist and teacher living in the mountains of Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland. She was awarded a MA in Ethnomusicology(UCC) where she wrote a thesis on her own journey into the art of Sean Nós or “old style“ singing, in the Irish language. She also holds a Diploma in Irish(NUIG) and a BA(HONS) in Fine Art and Art History. She was awarded the Michael Hartnett prize for poetry recitation and songs she composed in the Irish language have been featured in the Pan Celtic song competition. She has worked as editor and writer of the Wild Atlantic Way and other tourism publications, weaving stories of Ireland‘s western seaboard as well as publishing elsewhere on the arts and culture. Drawn to the natural world and the consciousness and wisdom of living earth, she and continues to tend deep wells of poetry and song. 

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