Build community through participaton

Foster deep levels of connection and collaboration

Product scale

Scale small groups

  • Transform your mailing list into any number of small groups
  • Set up or self organize into permanent groups and semi permanent discussions
  • Create automated discussion prompts to drive engagement

Manage all communication in one place

  • Real time messaging with and between your members
  • One place to keep your content, files, and communication
  • Integrated with email, not stuck in email
Product manage
Product members

Grow a revenue generating community

  • Collect money, manage members, deliver content, and manage group discussions
  • Run subscription based groups or collect one time payments
  • Set up custom affiliate links to build your community through partnerships

Create engaging community driven learning experiences

  • Create rich learning material with video, image, text, and audio
  • Capture member wisdom and knowledge with a collaborative knowledge base
  • Use the same software for learning, discussion, and collaboration
Product content

The conversation is the content

Sutra helps you teach skills that can only be learned through person to person interaction.