Get ready to GLOW with JOY on stage!

A group for performers to turn stage performance back into the thing it always was - PLAY! Like playing in the sandbox and not knowing the consequences of throwing sand, this is about the sheer joy of play for the seasoned performer. If we've lost it, where did it GO? Is it hiding up your pantleg? Is it out in the audience behind your mom? Seriously, we'll get behind the obvious and incredibly hidden barriers that are acting as party-poopers on stage.   

Group meets weekly and starts in September

Wednesdays 10a PDT | 11a MDT | 12p CDT | 1p EDT | 5p UTC


Glow with Joy on stage

Registration entitles you to these:

  • Weekly group session online 10a PDT | 1p EDT Wednesday
  • 24/7 chat group with peers to share stories and wisdom 
  • 24/7 online support for questions and weekly prompts
  • three-months of guidance, billed monthly - $225/month
  • lots of love!

$225 will register you now!

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