Create groups that learn together

A home for your workshop or learning program. One place to host your content, save zoom recordings, and continue the discussion between calls. A safe space for meaningful conversation and connection.

Offer transformational experiences that truly touch people’s lives

Share your wisdom

Hari uses Sutra to share women's teachings in a way that creates heartfelt connection through meaningful conversation.

Create a safe space

Ashley uses Sutra to create a space for authentic connection where people can explore self acceptance, feeling safe in their body, and being of service in the world.

Make things easier

Dr. Japa shares her deep knowledge of the human body through Zoom calls. She uses Sutra to post recordings and have a space for online discussion between sessions.

Run training programs

The Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma uses Sutra to deliver a seven month blended learning program where participants discuss real world case studies in small groups.

Build community

Joe uses Sutra to bring his community of business owners together in an online space where they can share ideas and help each other grow.

Upcoming offerings from Sutra

Individuals and organizations use Sutra to create impactful online learning experiences that foster authentic engagement and meaningful conversation

Do you want to create an online program that touches peoples lives and builds real relationships? Sutra helps you create transformational learning experiences that bring people together.

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With Sutra, you can...

Host your content and conversation in one place

Create a safe space for online discussion between video calls. Manage all your communication, share zoom recordings, videos, and other learning materials in one convenient place.

Run meaningful conversations

Sutra is designed around conversations rather than announcement posts. Easily run small group discussions and engage participants in real conversations that grow deeper over time.

Feel secure

No advertising, no distractions, and we never sell your data. Invite participants to share in an intimate and private space designed to support authentic connection.

Support participation

Sutra helps you take conversations deeper through participation insights. Easily notice people who haven't been engaging and send them personal emails to check in.

Facilitate self paced learning experiences

Create automated conversational experiences that feel personal. Increase engagement through interactive journaling prompts that foster reflection and insight.

Harvest understanding

Tag and organize messages retroactively to curate collective insights. Easily compile tagged discussion posts into sharable knowledge resources.

Receive payments easily

Set up one time charges or recurring subscriptions for your program, workshop or community. Easily create registration and payment pages for your group learning experience.

The conversation is the content

Cultivate wisdom and insight through scalable small group communication.

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