Create courses that create change

Easily run small group experiences that inspire insight, meaningful connection, and personal growth. Sutra is an all-in-one messaging, collaboration, and learning platform for your course, community, or project.

Create a safe space for deep listening and authentic engagement

Small groups encourage real relationships, conversational intelligence, and emotional awareness. Foster experiences where every voice is heard and people feel supported.

Create one group or manage many

Organize people into any number of small groups. Manage membership, communication, content, and payments across groups.

Host your content and conversation in one place

Create rich learning experiences that include video, images, formatted text, and dialogue. Share content across discussion groups and enable your community to co-create shared resources and knowledge through conversational inquiry.

Facilitate impactful learning experiences

Increase engagement by customizing automated discussion prompts that feel personal. Create interactive individual and group paced conversational journeys that foster reflection and insight.

Receive payments easily

Set up one time charges or recurring subscriptions for your course, group or community.

The conversation is the content

Cultivate wisdom and insight through scalable small group communication.

Make change.

Awareness building insights for the truth seeking change maker.
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