Create meaningful connection and conversation

Sutra is a modern social learning platform designed around groups.  It’s simple and flexible, all-in-one, and handles every aspect of your course or community.

All in one learning platform to organize content and discussions
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With Sutra, you can...

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Create courses and organize knowledge

Offer training programs, group learning experiences, self paced courses, and one-on-one coaching spaces. Manage information (like a wiki) or just upload zoom recordings and files.  Easy.

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Build a membership community

Create a space where members can find each other, communicate, and connect without ads or algorithms.

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Organize conversations and groups

Organize topic specific discussions, scale small groups, and offer a safe space for deep dialogue. Use our unique interactive features to create guided conversational learning experiences.

Set up landing pages

Easily design professional looking landing pages to share your offerings with the world.

Manage events and calendars

Quickly set up one time event pages or organize a schedule of calls for your course or community.

Handle in person and hybrid

Whether you're running a conference, hybrid training program, or a retreat, Sutra's flexibility helps you organize everything in one place.

Collect payments and subscriptions

Whether you're offering a course, running an event, building a community, or coaching one on one, easily process one-time and recurring payments and offer "pay what you can" options.

Work with international languages

Use Sutra in your language of choice: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Russian.

Build an ecosystem

From self-organized spaces to real time collaborative content editing, Sutra is designed with emergence and co-creation in mind.

Integrate with your existing tools

Connect with thousands of tools using Zapier and share login credentials with select services through SSO.

Feel supported

Super fast response times for any challenge you might have, one-on-one zoom calls when you need a human hand, and a growing community of creators supporting each other in meaningful ways.

Hundreds of organizations and creators use Sutra to create online learning experiences that create meaningful connection and conversation

Here's what they've shared about Sutra...

Easy to set up.  Flexible and powerful.  
Designed for connection.

Whether you have a small group of 5 people or a thriving community of hundreds, Sutra gives you the flexibility to organize your online experience the way you want to.  It’s like a safe alternative to Facebook combined with a powerful learning management system.

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Support your zoom calls

Support your zoom calls

Create a home for your zoom groups. Save call recordings and additional materials in one place and offer a safe space for discussion between calls.

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Run a training program

Run a training program

Process payments, organize content and files, manage communication, and enable participants to connect with each other, all in one place.

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Deliver an self paced course

Deliver an evergreen course

Organize your learning material in a beautiful online space. Create professional looking landing pages to share your offerings with the world and process payments, all in one place.

Build a community icon

Build a community

Build a community

Set up any number of predefined spaces, or let people self organize into groups and discussions. Set up a wiki for community information. Organize events and collaborate around projects.

Manage coaching clients icon

Manage coaching clients

Manage coaching clients

Organize content, conversations, and interactive worksheets. Duplicate the same set up for new clients. Process payments and manage everything, all in one place.

Run an online conference icon

Run an online conference

Run an online conference

Organize a schedule of events with registration pages, zoom links, and additional information for each session. Offer ongoing online discussion spaces for participants after each session.

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Sutra has supported over 50,000 people participating in group experiences

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