Create a learning space for your workshop, training program, or community

Organize all your content, conversations, and communication all in one place

All in one learning platform to organize content and discussions
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With Sutra, you can...

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Host your content and conversation in one place

Create a learning space to manage communication, share zoom recordings and videos, organize learning material and offer a safe place for online discussion.

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Create beautiful landing pages for your offerings

Host as many programs, projects, and clients as you want to. Use our visual website builder to easily design professional looking landing pages to share your offerings with the world.

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Collect money and manage members

Whether you're offering a course, growing a community, or charging clients for one on one work, easily process one time and recurring payments and manage membership.

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Individuals and organizations use Sutra to create impactful online learning experiences that foster meaningful connection and conversation

Margaret Wheatley

Sutra has been a wonderfully supportive platform for our Warriors for the Human Spirit trainings. The Warrior community spans more than 30 countries and has 200 active members. We are about to expand to many more hundred and Sutra gives us confidence that we can manage large numbers without losing the quality of interactions and the depth of teachings. It is simple, accessible and, as far as possible for technology, gentle and welcoming! I highly recommend Sutra as a platform for any online program or community. It is in a category by itself compared to other meeting platforms. And they are instantly responsive and helpful whenever a problem arises.

Margaret Wheatley - Author and Teacher
Richard Mollica

We use Sutra to power the entire online effort for our seven month blended learning program. Sutra helps us create unique small group dialogue driven experiences that are deeply aligned with the empathic nature of our program. The software is simple to use and powerful and continues to connect our community even after the course is over. Our students love it.

Richard Mollica - Executive Director
Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma
Hari Kaur

I manage trainings with about 100 people and have to keep track of everyone while fostering a friendly and supportive community. Every platform I researched felt unsafe and couldn't support kinds of conversations that I know bring spiritual, personal, and communal transformation. When I found Sutra I instantly saw the value and have been a devoted user ever since.

Hari Kaur Khalsa - Author and Yoga Teacher
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Easy to set up.  Flexible and powerful.  
Designed for connection.

Whether you have a small group of 5 people or a thriving community of hundreds, Sutra gives you the flexibility to organize your online experience the way you want to.  It’s like a safe alternative to Facebook combined with a powerful learning management system.

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Support your zoom calls

Support your zoom calls

Create a home for your zoom groups. Save call recordings and additional materials in one place and offer a safe space for discussion between calls.

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Run a training program

Run a training program

Process payments, organize content and files, manage communication, and enable participants to connect with each other, all in one place.

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Deliver an evergreen course

Deliver an evergreen course

Organize your learning material in a beautiful online space. Create professional looking landing pages to share your offerings with the world and process payments, all in one place.

Build a community icon

Build a community

Build a community

Set up any number of predefined spaces, or let people self organize into groups and discussions. Set up a wiki for community information. Organize events and collaborate around projects.

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Manage coaching clients

Manage coaching clients

Organize content, conversations, and interactive worksheets. Duplicate the same set up for new clients. Process payments and manage everything, all in one place.

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Run an online conference

Run an online conference

Organize a schedule of events with registration pages, zoom links, and additional information for each session. Offer ongoing online discussion spaces for participants after each session.


Create an emergent learning experience

Sutra is designed to support relational learning experiences that emerge through the contribution of each participant. Cultivate shared understanding through generative conversations that create connection and insight. Evolve your content as your experience develops.

People on a boat navigating through an emergent learning experience
People walking on a rope towards a common goal, supporting each other

We're here to support you every step of the way

When you join Sutra you join a community of creators committed to creating experiences that invite meaningful connection and conversation online. Each week we host office hours over zoom to answer questions and share knowledge and resources between community members. Our team is always here to support your journey so you'll never feel alone.

Sutra has supported over 35,000 people participating in group experiences

Start creating your experience today

People learning together, exploring new terrain with love and mutual support