Confidence Builder

Having confidence can significantly affect the way you approach activities and work daily. You move forward and get things done when you believe in your abilities. When you lack confidence, you tend to hold back or hesitate and question yourself over and over.  Confidence is knowing your strengths and weaknesses enough to take control of your life and do what needs to be done. Let this e-course be your guide.

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In this audio/video series you will boost your confidence in 3 Key Areas of Your Life. Your Self-worth, Expertise, and Social Situations.

These teachings will also help you:

  • Override Imposter Syndrome

  • Recognize that Authenticity Is Your Superpower

  • Set yourself up for deeper social connection

By the end of the course you will enter into your Flow as you begin confidently handling life with more grace and ease.

Confidence is the key to living an exceptional life!

Your self-worth

Becoming aware of your own magnificence and thriving in body, mind, and spirit.


Boost your confidence to share what you know and trust in your skills and abilities.

Social situations

Gain the confidence to form deeper connections 

 and create a stronger support system.



Jennifer quickly and intuitively gets to the heart of an issue. She offers insight and direction that simply makes sense. 

Jennifer is compassionate and I feel completely safe and calm during her sessions. 

She helps to clear pathways that will open doors to new opportunities and growth and gives suggestions that ensure those feelings stay with you.

Susan Regier

London, ON
I attended a presentation by Jennifer and was impressed by the depth of her commitment to our wellness, our healing and transformation. She exudes caring, authenticity and integrity!

Zensho Gabriel
Salt Spring Island, BC

Elevate your self-worth and develop a stronger sense of self-confidence with this audio/video series*.

*Includes additonal resources.

 Total play time approximately 90 minutes.

Confidence Builder

Develop the skills that lead to inner strength and certainty of purpose. Your time is NOW!

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