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Sutra offers a flexible tool designed to help you manage, grow, and engage your course or community.

University program

Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma

HPRT uses Sutra to administer their Global Mental Health Trauma and Recovery blended learning program. A nine month program with two weeks spent in person, Sutra is used before, during, and after to build community and deliver an immersive small group experience. Students are organized into an array of discussion groups throughout the nine month program with all learning material and student professor communication happening through Sutra. After the program, alumni are encouraged to continue using the software to communicate and collaborate around common interests.

Online course

Illumined Woman

The Illumined Woman is a unique wisdom circle based online learning program for women who want to cultivate mindfulness and presence through a regular practice of mediation. Students register for the course through Sutra and are organized into groups of five to ten people. Students study new material each week, engage in weekly video conversations and receive daily automated prompts designed to facilitate shared journaling. The emphasis is on exploring emotional intelligence practices in an intimate small group experience.

Training program

Yoga Teacher Training

Master yoga teacher Hari Kaur uses Sutra to manage all her teacher trainings. Students are organized into small groups. All assignments, announcements, and content are delivered through Sutra. Students use the software to communicate and collaborate on assignments between in person sessions.

Supervision groups

Portable Calm

The International Center for Mental Health and Human Rights uses Sutra to deliver a unique eight week supervision group experience designed for mental health professionals working with traumatized communities. The course teaches mindfulness based and compassion focused techniques through a group oriented process involving daily prompts designed to support practice, reflection, and deep sharing under the supervision of trained facilitator.

Community discussion

Kundalini Research Institute

KRI uses Sutra to connect its global teacher training community of over 700 members and engage them in meaningful dialogue around important governance issues. People are added by email address and begin to receive updates on conversations without having to create an account on Sutra beforehand. This “opt-out” approach makes it easier to engage community members in a new piece of software without requiring registration. KRI uses Sutra to get feedback about key organizational issues and initiatives, to hear what are the important issues of its members, to provide critical follow-up discussions to in-person meetings, and to allow all members to have input into future meeting agendas.

Use Cases

Transform your program of study into a collaborative learning experience that increases engagement and builds community. Easily manage any number of small groups. Process payments, upload content and files, deliver learning material directly into conversations, and enable students to connect with each other. Transition each cohort into an alumni community that stays connected through the same software.

Every community has its own needs and operates in its own way. Sutra is designed to evolve with your community. Start with one discussion. Grow to many. Use Sutra to manage any number of predefined groups, or let people self organize into groups and discussions. Use it to set up permanent groups or committees or use it as an open discussion forum for topics as they come up. Set up a collaborative community wiki for files and community information. Use it to organize events or collaborate around projects. Use it for real time messaging or as an email based group discussion tool. Sutra is designed to be simple and flexible to meet any needs your community might have.

Many traditions emphasize the power of group consciousness as a vehicle for transformation. Certain emotional patterns only show up in the context of interaction with other people. Sutra enables the architecture of unique online learning experiences based on deep person to person interaction. Create a safe space for emotional exploration and personal healing through intimate small group interaction guided by your supervision.

The work behind Sutra was originally inspired by Theory U. Create unique online coaching circle and co-sensing experiences based on dialogue and authentic connection. Sutra provides an easy way to manage a community of groups and facilitate dialogue across groups. Create economically sustainable community through subscription and one time payments.

Whether you are running a yoga teacher training or a corporate executive workshop, Sutra provides a simple and intuitive way to manage all your content and communication. If you run a blended learning program with both in person and online interaction, Sutra makes it easy to streamline both experiences. Organize people into small groups and provide a simple way for people to continue the conversation and learning online. Process payments, upload content and files, manage communication, and enable participants to connect with each other, all in one place.

Small groups are a potent vehicle for devotion and understanding. Create, scale, and supervise groups for scripture study and community action. Automate daily scripture posts designed for group discussion. Set up a collaborative community wiki for files and important information. Broadcast messages to groups and manage all communication in one place. Survey members and collect donations for community projects. Use the same software to mobilize and organize your community service.

Scale your impact by growing and facilitating your own subscription based online mastermind or wisdom circle community. Process payments, manage content, and guide transformative dialogue all in one place. Deliver unique experiences that help people cultivate emotional intelligence and empathy through direct experience. Create a safe space for people to share and feel supported through open hearted interaction.

Decrease isolation, improve competence, and support continuing development through supervised peer consultation groups. Setup and administer any number of groups. Process payments, deliver content, broadcast messages, communicate with group leaders, and enable groups to easily connect with each other through text messaging and video conferencing. Supervise group interactions and provide support where needed from one simple user interface.

Connect your alumni through a simple piece of software designed to facilitate discussion and collaboration. Members can browse a member directory and filter members by skill and geography. Post announcements and community related projects. Use Sutra to deliver learning experiences that build community and then use the same software to support alumni community interaction.

Create and manage any number of discussion groups. Automate daily or weekly posts with book passages or questions for reflection and discussion. Process payments, broadcast messages, communicate with group leaders, and enable groups to easily connect with each other through text messaging and video conferencing all in one place.

Organize and mobilize your members. Foster dialogue and participation around important issues. Set up and manage any number of groups by category or geography. Allow members to self organize around different initiatives. Broadcast messages by category or group, distribute content, and enable members to communicate with each other. Set up a collaborative knowledge base that all members can contribute to with important information related to your cause.

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