You have a gift for working with people and an aspiration to reach more people.  Working with people online will give you the ability to touch more people’s lives and make more income.  But how do you do so in a way that delivers meaningful value?

It’s easy to throw some content together and call it a “course”.  It’s hard for that content to have a lasting impact on people’s lives.  If you’ve ever taken an in person workshop where you walked away feeling elevated and connected – you know the feeling.  


In the safety of the container they created for me, I felt being held by the hand and led through a process that replaced my overwhelm with confidence and clarity. I would recommend this as the only course anyone needs to take to learn how to teach online in a meaningful way.

– Priya


This program will help you step into what’s possible.  Transformational learning experiences online are part technology, part process, and part content.  In person, you have people’s undivided attention for entire days. Online, you’re lucky if you have a few hours here and there.  How do you build a container to hold a transformative process that engages people and leaves everyone truly inspired and uplifted? 


This mentoring program has been an incredibly powerful experience for me. The structure of the course and the generous support of all the participants has allowed me to create a program I feel good about offering to others. Built to foster meaningful and intimate small group experiences, Sutra is unique. Thank you for showing me how to create something powerful with Sutra, and for the opportunity to connect with some amazing people.

– Jennifer


What if you could start building a community around yourself with people who benefit from your knowledge?  What if you could create experiences that are not just about selling content – they’re about touching people’s lives in a meaningful way?

This is not easy to do and not everybody wants to learn what it takes to create this kind of experience.  And that’s ok. This program isn’t for everyone. This program is for people who want to make a difference in the world.

This six week mentorship program will delve deeply into what’s possible for you and your work online.


I’ve been able to ground my online teaching ideas for the first time with lots of support. This class opened up new strategies for me to craft actual meaningful online experience that I couldn’t have come to on my own. I’m glad I decided to invest in this process as it gave me so many creative options to engage and help people online.

– Japa


Here’s what you can expect:

You’ll be creating your own online group experience over the course of this program. Each week you’ll have a two hour zoom call and new assignments that will help you plan your experience, put together the content, set up the technical stuff, and do the outreach necessary to build an audience for your initial launch.

Over the course of six weeks you’ll put together the entire program with support from us and your peers. You can think of this as an accountability group that will both support you and push you to create something amazing.

This program is a laboratory. Each week you’ll have an opportunity to show up in a space of people participating in the same experiment as you. In this case, the experiment is learning to work with holding space online and cultivating sensitivity to what’s going on in that space. Our weekly zoom calls are a place where we all learn from each other through direct participation in an intentional co-constructed experience.

This mentorship program will give you accountability, direction, and direct experience. By the end of the program you will have started your own group and be charging money for it. To register, click here:


I warmly recommend you to join the mentorship program Transformational Teaching Online provided by Natasha and Lorenz Sell on Sutra. Their joint offering is full of practical and usable information, worksheets and practices that will guide you to create your own powerful offering online. The added value of it is huge, you will feel supported all the way to learn how the Sutra platform works, to create the outline of your offering and the most powerful content, how to create a safe container for working with groups online.

– Harriet


The highlights:

  • Weekly coaching, content and assignments
  • Run powerful group experiences online
  • Create a safe space for transformation to occur 
  • Communicate about your work clearly and build a community around yourself
  • Get clear on your goals and stay accountable to your vision 
  • Get your program fully set up and launched on the Sutra platform

Program details:

Starts Thursday, June 25th
6 weekly zoom calls every Thursday from 12 to 2 pm EST (required)
6 weekly live office hours Mondays from 12 to 2 pm EST with one on one support
Private group sharing circles on Sutra
Investment: $400

To register for the program, click here.


When I started this course, I had an intention and a vague idea of what I wanted to accomplish. What I have experienced in just 6 sessions has been beyond what I could have imagined. Because of the space Natasha and Lorenz hold and co-create with participants, I’ve been able to find clarity, precision, alignment, and greater direction. I’ve been guided to connect and engage with my teaching experience and my audience in a deeper way. I’ve had the space to learn, stretch myself, and consider greater possibility.

– Kimberly

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